We are "deal" lawyers who help  advise, educate and create legal structures for those in the charitable and philanthropic world. Whether you are a for profit, a social enterprise, a hybrid or a nonprofit corporation, we help founders and directors avoid self dealing rules, foundations avoid "tipping issues" and help structure a myriad of other complex type of transactions for those involved, for profit and nonprofit, in doing good.

For example, in 2008, we established a charitable umbrella the Edward Charles Foundation which provides umbrella 501c3 services for our clients.  Edward Charles Foundation is a 5 million dollar entity running over 80 charitable initiatives around the world. 

We advise on all fundraising rules and regulations and have registered clients in all states engaged in charitable fund development.

We provide seminars and educational series for our clients on the topics that are most urgent and pressing in the sector. 

Recent 1st Quarter 2016 Engagements

-Helped negotiate the reimbursement and buy out of a member run mutual benefit corporation, including drafting all underlying ancillary agreements in a 10 million dollar raise for lending holding company to advance capital via an exclusive management agreement.

-Successfully helped create a venture fund underneath a charitable arm of a 60 million plus venture funded technology company. This  subsidiary venture fund underneath a 501c3 may legally invest in for profit and nonprofit start ups.

-In tandem, with litigation of counsel partner, successfully re-structured a multi-million dollar foundation gift conceptualizing an innovative quasi-escrow like control system to ensure charitable funds are received and accounted for in the manner in which given.

-Successfully helped a large chapter ("Chapter") of a well-known brand of national nonprofit ("National"), disaffiliate from National with very little repercussions, secure assets, retain a good relationship with National and also, advise on its own legal existence separate and apart from National.

-Helped a board of directors re-structure their governance documents and provide security for the founder class of board members through a complex power of appointment process as well as other governance features.

-Successfully helped founders of a charitable entity, re-acquire assets of a failing charity via Attorney General approval to potential salvage the programs and activities of the enterprise, through an Attorney General approval of asset purchase.

-Advised the founder group behind OpenAI, including Sam Altman and Elan Musk, who are part of this group hatched to provide open source technology in a charity concept.

-Advising another major chapter of a well known brand of charity involved in the national's system to structure a merger of the national organization and our client, in a "merger of equals", safeguarding our client's employees, vision and IP, in way that is beneficial for all parties.