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Philanthropy Law is Complex.
We Help you comply.

Seton & Associates has a long history of understanding some of the most complex aspects of Philanthropy and Charity Law. As a team, we continually grow in order to stay current and relevant on all philanthropic and charity trends, including the legal requirements and regulations that accompany those trends.

In working with the best and brightest impact philanthropists, as well as social entrepreneurs, we bring the world’s innovative thought leaders together to address major world issues. While you’re doing good for the world, we’re doing good for you by keeping your charity in compliance and up to date on all legal regulations.

From our experience, we have composed numerous white papers and blogs relating to various philanthropic and charitable foundation laws which we feel are useful to our clients. Not only useful for an informational foundation, but to show you that we are indeed your trusted legal advisors.

Download and read our papers, or check out our blogs for the most recent news and thoughts on everything from new legal structures to innovative social entrepreneurial trends.